The Footnote Project

Footnotes can legitimately credit previous thought that has provided a springboard to whatever you are reading; it can also be the place to slip inconvenient contradictions, ares of inquiry the writer cannot address, or simply unanswered questions that may be far more interesting that the questions that were answered.  This project aims to pull those pesky footnotes up to the light, as well as ask why certain other pronouncements are made with no footnotes at all.  The project focuses primarily on issues of intimate partner violence and gender, since they are what I think most about, and because they seem to be frequent fliers on the footnote express, but inquiring minds sometimes get distracted.  Too vague? Basically, if I read about a finding that suggests that “but for” the presence of IPV, X is true, I am going to poke at it. We cannot assume away such a pervasive problem, and if we do, our conclusions are suspect, as is the policy built upon it. Same for gender. Same for so many of the particularities that make up people. The Footnote Project aims to help us keep our eye on the prize and make sure we ask our questions in nuanced and inclusive ways so the answers we find move us all forward together.


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