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DV Prosecutors on Trial – Again

Prosecuting crimes is hard. Prosecuting crimes committed between dating or married people is really hard. Reading posts by non-professionals that blithely second guess those prosecutions, or the motives of the victims of the alleged crimes, is the hardest part of … Continue reading

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Avoiding Shame Does Not Mean Avoiding Blame

A new article talks about the complex distinctions between shame and guilt for criminal offenders, and that guilt is more closely associated with reduced recidivism than shame. The coverage about the article does not indicate that the researchers distinguished among … Continue reading

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New Report – Gun in the Home Increases Risk of Death by Gun in the Home

Although the above headline may sound almost tautological, it is a hotly debated issue these days. ┬áThis report is the first of it’s kind to conduct a rigorous analysis of the correlation between gun presence in the home and death … Continue reading

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Supreme Court ‘Castleman’ Case Could be a Game-changer

Today, January 15, 2014, the Supreme Court heard arguments in U.S. v. Castleman, a case that asks which state domestic violence misdemeanors preclude the convicted from lawfully purchasing firearms, pursuant to a provision in the Lautenberg Amendment. For a chattier … Continue reading

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