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Kristof Jumps the Gun

@NicholasKristof has done a terrific job using his platform at the @NYT, and his book Half the Sky (co-authored with his wife Sheryl WuDunn), to shine light on sex trafficking. This week he turned his attention to domestic violence.  While it’s … Continue reading

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I Can’t Unlearn the New Verb “Upskirting”

The Massachussetts Supreme Court just ruled that a man who had taken secret cell phone photographs up the skirts of women in public places had not violated the state “peeping Tom” statute, because the women had no expectation of privacy … Continue reading

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DV Prosecutors on Trial – Again

Prosecuting crimes is hard. Prosecuting crimes committed between dating or married people is really hard. Reading posts by non-professionals that blithely second guess those prosecutions, or the motives of the victims of the alleged crimes, is the hardest part of … Continue reading

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