New Report – Gun in the Home Increases Risk of Death by Gun in the Home

Although the above headline may sound almost tautological, it is a hotly debated issue these days.  This report is the first of it’s kind to conduct a rigorous analysis of the correlation between gun presence in the home and death in the home by gun – including both homicides and suicides.  Given that many intimate partner homicides take place in the home, this report is important for partner violence advocates.  No matter where you fall on the gun debate, if you work with victims or perpetrators of partner violence, your screening should include asking about the presence of a gun. Same goes for those working with troubled teens: teens were particularly likely to use an unlocked gun if attempting suicide.  According to the authors, this is the first “systematic review and meta-analysis to estimate the association between firearm accessibility and suicide or homicide victimization.”


About amybarasch

Seasoned professional in the area of partner violence, criminal justice, and public policy. Public Service Professor at the Center for Human Services Research, SUNY Albany. Former Director of the NYS OPDV; NYC FJC; and creator of a variety of collaborative community-engaged programs.
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