#I See DV

Today, when news comes at us through social media, headlines are more important than ever. I only “click through” to a small fraction of the articles I see.  Since few headlines mention partner violence (or domestic violence) the general public must think it’s pretty rare. It’s not.  So give this exercise a try: see if you can spot the DV hidden in your new outlet’s headlines. Here’s an easy one from today’s news:

Woman and 2 Daughters in Queens Are Found Stabbed to Death at Home

Do you see it? Did you read that headline as maybe about a break-in? If you go ahead and read the article, you see early on that the @NYT reports that police responded to a call of cardiac arrest. It goes on to say police were looking to speak with the father of the girls, who lives at the home, but was not at the scene.  Hmmm, who made that 911 call. . . I can’t of course know what happened here, but #IseeDV.

Here’s another one, pretty straightforward if you read past the headline:

Police search for evidence in murder of Kirkland mom

The article goes on to document a long history of partner violence by this woman’s boyfriend, so #ISeeDV, but so does the police department.

Try it for yourself.  A few hints: if the homicide victim is referred to as a mother or mom (as opposed to a woman, a person, an innocent bystander, etc.) that’s a clue. If a mother and children are all killed, also a clue. If you see a generic headline, click through, and read about someone hurting their intimate partner, let me know, and caption it with #IseeDV (or #ICDV). Thanks – and if you see something, say something. 🙂


About amybarasch

Seasoned professional in the area of partner violence, criminal justice, and public policy. Public Service Professor at the Center for Human Services Research, SUNY Albany. Former Director of the NYS OPDV; NYC FJC; and creator of a variety of collaborative community-engaged programs.
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